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These new generation of Xenon Crystal bulb has achieved up to a 4100 K (Kelvin) color temperature combined with approximately a 30-40% increase in lumen output over the current models. Toucan has achieved this feat of optical engineering by fine-tuning three processes in manufacturing. A unique mixture of gases including Krypton as well as Xenon, adding the latest in coating technology and modifications to the glass annealing process combined in a synergistic manner to produce the final result.

LXC Series XB Series  SB Series DP Series

OE wattage Super White color 10-20% brighter than OE. 4100 K (Kelvin) 30-35% brighter than OE

OE wattage Hyper White light 30-35% brighter than OE. Street legal  OE wattage Super Blue light 30-35% brighter than OE Super Plasma Bulbs